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Post by Bane on Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:42 pm

WEREWOLF- The most feral of the three races. These beings use brute force, and shattering strength to destroy their opponents. They are very loyal, and do not take traitors lightly. This race has hightened senses, and cna sense any presence and attacks, but their own limits may not be able to stop it. They can see the attack coming, but can't do anything about IT. Bane, as their leader, has his very own squad to take out anyone in secret. They are called the Lunar Operations, since they only are active in at night.

VAMPIRE- The most cunning and persusaive of the races. These beings prefer to frist change the minds of the opponents, but still have unbelieveable speed and strength.They seem to grow attachments to each other, and do not like to deal with traitors because of said attachments. Zaine rules them in a monarchy.

ANGELIC HUMANS- Are both cunning and strength. They, after many years of training, can not access powers. They now have angel forms. Dyavol rules them in a Democracy. Dyavol has developed an group called the "Ghost Opperations". As the name implies, these soilders carry out their missions like nothing happened. They are used to both attack someone, or defend an area.

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