Raijuu\'s wolf forms

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Raijuu's wolf forms

Post by Raijuu-san on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:16 pm

Normal Form (Avatar)
Lightning Bolt- Can shoot weak lightning bolts
Lightning tackle- Can store energy in self and can tackle an opponent, releasing the energy
Lightning Grab- Stores energy then grabs the opponent, releasing it, shocking them

Half-wolf Ninja Form (1st Pic)
lightning Shurkian- Can charge lightning in hands and release it in shurkian form
Lightning ShockWave- Charges for one post, then releases it, sending a shocking wave in a 10 meter distance
Metal Transfer- Can store lightning into the any metal
Shocking Kick- charges for one post, and feet gets eletricaly charged for 3 posts. Can use this to run up walls, and for attacks. Cannot use for three posts
Lightning Claws- Charges energy in claws and can slash lightning waves

Full Wolf Ninja Form (2nd pic)
Chain thunder- Unleashes hidden chains and grabs The opponent and chains him donw. Transfers energy into it stunning them. Then throws them in air an dagain stuns them. The chains release the opponent and i impale my sword into on of the limbs, shocking it. Person cannot use that limb for 3 posts (only if they are below me for 3 posts)

Lightning Typhoon- I whip chains around very fast, making a tornado. I then transfer energy into it, making the whirlwind lightning charged.

Chain bolts- I transfer energy into my chains, and starts striking the opponent, releasing the energy once the strikes hit

True Lightning Form (last pic)
Thundaga Fury- I charge all the energy to over critical mass. I then howl and release a huge beam of energy at the opponent. After this move, i go human and cannot use any lightning moves. Can only stay in this form from 10-15 posts, and once I use the move I must go human, no matter what.

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Re: Raijuu\'s wolf forms

Post by Bane on Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:28 pm


Feral Form


True Wolf Form
Wolf King

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